Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think!

Dr. Wanda Draper, in Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think!, bridges the gap between how children learn and think and how they feel and behave. She discusses a whole-child approach to articulate the child’s development and its relationship to learning and behavior from infancy through adolescence. This gives the reader a view of transitions from one stage to the next and how adults can enjoy and enhance each child’s unfolding maturation of body, mind, and behavior. The author shows us just how intelligent and intuitive children really are in relation to their respective developmental levels. Instead of trying to control behavior by either promoting or prohibiting the child’s responses and actions, she shows how to interpret both the child’s and the adult’s actions and their responses to one another. Dr. Draper’s writing is based on decades of observing and working directly with children and adults from all manner of lifestyles, circumstances, and physical and mental abilities. She often says, “You can’t send the head to school and leave the body at home—the whole child goes to school, the whole child lives at home, and the whole child participates in the world.”

Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think! focuses, at each stage and pathway of development, on suggestions for how to successfully:

  • live and work with a smart child
  • help without interfering
  • activate the learning loop
  • communicate to get results


“What she says is so practical. When I go to her seminars, I know I can take what she says home with and use it in my everyday life.”

Tracy McCoy, Mother

“She is radiantly enthusiastic about her work with children and parents.”

Dorothy Hammert, Grandmother

“Dr. Draper is as down-to-earth as the sod dugout my mother lived in, and as far reaching as the space capsule I traveled in.”

Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford USAF (Ret.), Astronaut

“If I could be anything in the world, I would be a flower in Wanda’s garden because I know that she would take good care of me.”

Austin Vanderlyn, age 8