Wanda Draper - Executive Director - Education Futures International

Wanda Draper

Executive Director

Sarah Partin - Associate Director - Education Futures International

Sarah Nicole Partin

Associate Director

EFI: A resource organization

Education Futures International (EFI) is an independent organization that serves a broad range of learning endeavors. Founded in 1946, EFI has been collaborating with various organizations and individuals to accomplish its primary goal: providing high quality, yet practical, education for individuals and groups intending to expand their knowledge and skills for competent and healthy living and for productive work. The organization seeks to encourage and give support to scholars who are committed to fostering, through the educational process, one’s moral, ethical, and spiritual growth for responsible world citizenship.

Student: A unique person

EFI perceives education as a set of experiences. Students are invited to participate in learning through building on their own unique circumstances, drawing upon their own inner resources, yet considering diverse options and alternative theories to challenge their particular endeavors. Committed to assisting the educator in confronting the complex dimensions of education, EFI offers its services to parents, educators, administrators and scholars — those vanguards who are advancing scholarship in personality development and life values in a student, no matter the stage.